So many beans, so little time • also 70s rock invasion

Stuff that’s broken: my laptop (excuse for not blogging…one of the more legitimate ones) • also my baby toenail, apparently there’s a wall in my house I never noticed before

Stuff that’s fixed: my Ranger! A thousand hearts and happy faces! (Thank you Daddy!)

Stuff that’s dirty: my feet • my mouth sometimes 

Stuff that’s clean: the bunny cages • my desk finally • we’re still working on the kitchen…

Stuff that’s in season: cherries • raspberries • messy hair • 12 hour days

Stuff that’s curious: the two-toned brown Ford that keeps driving by our house…

Stuff thats just plain weird: me painting my fingernails. (It’s terrible what those boys drive you to do.) 

Stuff that needs tending to: the garden • my bank account • my wardrobe • maybe my hair if I have time left

Stuff that consumes all my time: one word – beans.

Stuff I can’t get enough of: Chris Blanchard’s Farmer to Farmer podcasts! I just want to farm. Forever. With a guy.

Stuff I don’t really like: getting rained on • the public • talking to the public

Stuff I really love: butter pecan ice cream • Brantley Gilbert’s old songs • selling wholesale 

Stuff that keeps me up way too late: Steven spielberg’s Into the West

Stuff that makes me laugh my you -know-what-off: Outlaw’s skoal pouches commercial • please don’t watch it • but seriously a week later I’m still laughing 

Stuff that blows my mind: God’s grace. And how everything falls into place for the next thing. And how somehow I believe it’ll happen.

Stuff that makes me grin like a fool: 

Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

New Kid in Town – The Eagles 

I think I’ve hit on the difference between a blogger and a writer. A blogger writes to publish; they publish everything they write. A blogger isn’t much without a reader. A writer however requires no reader to fulfill their job, at least the basic essence of it. They write what they need to release and tell, even if not to a specific audience, and they only publish it when they feel it’s good enough or strong enough or something that needs to be heard, for whatever good it might do. Even if no one reads it it’s still written, which is a writer’s job.

I have not been much of either this month! Besides neglecting this space I’ve hardly written anything for myself. The only journal entries I can manage when I get home from a bonfire at 11:30 pm and my legs are jello from running and my head feels like a bowling ball, aren’t much more than monosyllables. I’ve started writing down mostly things people have said, so if you were to read my journal (which I don’t recommend btw because it could end in your personal injury) you wouldn’t really get it. But someday when I look back on it, I will. 

People are still wonderful. God is still in His heaven. And we’re going to make it through this season.

~Emma ❤

P.S. how is everyone else’s summer?


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