Catch me around here much

This morning did not look like this. It looked more like the scene in Open Range when the dog swims down the Main Street of the town.

Morning. My mom wakes me up, I yank on my clothes and stumble through brushing my teeth and try to make it down to the stand by 7. The others roll in, we load up yesterday’s empty flats and drive out, arriving at the patch around 7:30. We pick till around noon – or whenever we fill our order, or my mom calls us to come back.

Afternoon. I worked the counter. It’s not my favorite, but I can do it, and sometimes finding out that you can do the things you don’t like is cooler than sticking with the things you do like.

Evening: clean laundry and supper and maybe I’ll have time to read some of Rory Feek’s book. Also my feet smell terrible. Reminder: do not wear wet socks all day.

19 You and Me – Dan + Shay

Catch Me Around Here – Eric Church



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