that’s what I’m doing these days

I am a slacker. Emma = slacker. The days are all rolling together and I’m kind of lost. Is this Wednesday? I’m seeing strawberries every time I close my eyes at night. It’s like this – I’m so tired that every time the thought crosses my mind, “oh, I haven’t written a blog post in days!” it’s immediately followed with, “but I’m so busy and no one wants to read about my life anyway.” (A sad delusion every writer falls prey to at times.) I would have posted something last night but when I finally yanked out the computer and sat down to do it I realized the internet connection in this house lately is pretty sketchy. So I’ll try to get this out there before it goes again….in which case I maybe ought to skip the preliminaries and get to the meat of the matter, huh.

Anyway, hi again friends! Thanks for still being here. 🙂


The Farm*: going on 3 weeks of strawberries. The day has come when I’m sick of picking them. (Actually it came yesterday.) We’ve got raspberries now! The Amish boy who came with them yesterday was terribly adorable. My hands smell strongly of onions and I have four bunnies for sale, so if you want a white bunny come by the stand and I will assess your qualifications for ownership.

The Social Spectrum: I don’t have time. I have a farm. (jk. We still do fun stuff. Last Saturday I went to the races with my cousins and I got in for five dollars less bc of my college ID, and I also got a mouthful of dust. We cheered for #4 because the driver had the same last name as one of our favorite people.)

^^^(This guy had the Dallas Cowboys stars tattooed on both elbows. I know right.)

^^^the squad

The Music End: I’m playing a gig next week on the 4th at an outdoor festival at my aunt’s church. I’m mainly looking forward to the fireworks afterward.

The Spiritual Side: I’m reading Amos in my Bible, because no one ever talks about Amos. (Actually, because I got finished reading Hosea and Joel and saw it and was like, there’s a book called Amos? and then felt bad.) I’d love to tell you what Amos is about but the plain truth is I don’t really know yet. I’ll let you know. Hosea, however, MAN. That’s some serious stuff. I’d love to hear someone preach on Hosea because it confuses the heck out of me, but when I read it I know there are things there that would just blow me away if I knew what they meant. “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” What. Blows me away as it is.
*aka Our Place, which is what I call it to other people, because for some reason it sounds goofy to say ‘our farm’ or ‘the farm’ or ‘oh yeah, I live on a farm’. Because I don’t really live on a farm, we just have a farm, and it’s more like a little market. Around here ‘farm’ means cows and liquid manure and we don’t have any of that going on.


I’d better get back at it. I can’t promise I’ll do better but I’ll at least try to think of more interesting things to write. (Like the rate of precipitation in western New York State and how many You know what I miss? Being fourteen and sitting in the hayloft reading a book. I haven’t read anything in weeks. I’d love just for one hour to sit down and read a book like I used to without thinking about all the other things need doing. Oh well.

Go to bed, dream of you – that’s what I’m doing these days.   ~ Rascall Flatts

~Emma ❤

Joey + Rory – Everything that Glitters

Kip Moore – Girls Like You (I can’t remember if I mentioned this before but it’s MY NEW FAVORITE SONG.)


5 thoughts on “that’s what I’m doing these days

  1. Joyce Jarrell says:

    We FINALLY got to watch the Joey + Rory DVD (so well done – what a testimony). Looking forward to the 4th as well 🙂 Strawberries continue to taste good I’m sure – even if they don’t FEEL good on the fingertips any more …


  2. Yep, I’m still here, devouring every word. Thanks for letting us have a peak at your life – stone me for saying this if you want to, but it’s a compliment: in my mind you’re the epitome of a true American country girl. Hard working, hard laughing, driving your truck, listening to country music, taking whatever comes at you, enjoying life in the fresh air. You’re fabulous.


  3. I recommend The Bible Project on youtube for confusing books of the Bible. 🙂 (Their Hosea and Amos ones are good.)

    (Stars tattooed on elbows?) (Sorry. But no.)
    Ahhh, you MUST read a book in the hay again. I’m sorry you have so little time!


  4. Miss Meg March says:

    Well, I will always be here. 🙂

    And I miss reading as much as I used to, as well. I feel like I was in way too much of a hurry to grow up, and then when all the responsibilities and Other Things began to hit, I realized how easy I had it back then. But when I start feeling like kicking myself, I remind myself, ‘HECK I’M ONLY SIXTEEN! I’M NOWHERE NEAR DONE WITH MY CHILDHOOD!’ And I go and do something only a sixteen year old would do. ;P

    Also my life has been pretty hectic lately. Last week my brother’s fiancee came up and I went with them to inspect houses they were considering. That was *ahem* certainly something I’ve never done before. I whispered to them, “You do realize I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, right?” I was given a briefing of what to look for, but when the door was opened I couldn’t help but drool over their lovely violin and trumpet and the gorgeous paint colours and cute dogs. I’m afraid I wasn’t very helpful. 😛 But oh well, now I can say I’ve been to 2 house inspections, haha! And I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve been to the airport now…


  5. Ditto to reading more! I totally need to make more time for that myself. It’s just hard to get started sometimes. Seems like there’s always something to distract me from pulling out that book and really concentrating on it. 😛

    Ohhh! Yes, ma’am. Let’s have some good sermons on those less frequented books of the Bible. It really is amazing how much of the Bible we never even touch on in church, isn’t it?


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